Of ends and beginnings

When a place is abandoned it is at the same time an end and a beginning.

Whilst on the one hand the place retreats into the memories of those who have left, on the other it begins a new existence as a tangible but equally fragile assemblage of material memories. Buildings decay, are vandalized, are temporarily inhabited by peripatetic humans and animals, are quarried for building materials and scrap, accumulate human discards and are buried beneath vegetation. While they are still alive the place acts as a catalyst for the memories of those who lived there, but it also inspires new thought, as a unsightly or romantic ruin, depending on your viewpoint, a place of melancholy or aesthetic inspiration, an eyesore or a tourist hotspot.

The material remains of the recent past, and the memories attached to them, are often undervalued. My project is going to look at the material memories of places no longer lived in, no longer dwellings or workplaces, and yet which are still “alive.” They are demonstrating their agency, if by nothing else, by creating my memories!

I’ll be recording and sharing what I find in order both to connect with those who once lived there, but also to demonstrate the wealth of interest a seemingly “dead” place can have in the present and future.

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